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Date: Thursday. March 11, 2010            
Attendees:     Per initialed roster


Charlie Summers, Emergency Services Deputy Director, called the meeting to order and introductions were made.


After Action Report – February Storms – Charlie Summers
Our EOC was activated at a modified level 3 for both storms in February.  Charlie asked the committee to look over the After Action Report and come back with any changes so we can have a document that will help evaluate us for future EOC activations.  The EOC was activated, mostly, to support County Highways with Hagerstown’s Dept of Public Works.  Some of the things we did well were coordinating the calls for emergency response, medical emergency, fire, and some police calls.  We would contact the County Highway Dept and let them know we just got a call for a cardiac arrest and if a plow truck was near that location, the truck would make sure the road to that address would be cleared so the ambulance could get through.  This was a lesson learned from the December storm that it is vital to have that interaction between the Highway Dept and the EOC.

Recognition of EOC Activation Personnel – Charlie Summers
Certificates were given out to those who participated in the EOC during the snow storms.

Annual LEPC Exercise – Verna Brown
LEPC is required to do an exercise annually.  We will be able to use some of the money from the HEMP Planning grant for this exercise.  We are aiming for a tabletop in April, maybe a second tabletop in June and a full scale or functional in August.  We had our first initial meeting with those agencies that were interested in being part of this exercise.  It was suggested that the exercise should be about transportation.

Grants – Verna Brown
MDE / Tier 2 - MDE collects money from businesses that have to report Tier II chemical information.  They will then distribute a part of those funds to Local Emergency Planning Committees.  The amount this year for Washington County is $5,200.

HEMP -   Training - $14,715 for Special Operations
Planning - $16,000 for exercise & outreach program (HCS/Weather)

Homeland Security – this amount has not been announced.

Tier II Report – Verna Brown
Brad Stotelmyer reported that he has received 66 reports for 2009 and there are 46 agencies that have not reported.  Tier II reports are always due each year by March 1.

Emergency Management – Verna Brown

Home Show 2010 - was held on March 6 & 7.  The show was well attended.  Information on preparedness and chemical safety was handed out.  We also show cased our Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) opportunities as well as volunteering.

Coop Plan – Phase III – Public Works – we are waiting for one organizational chart from our Recreation Department and Phase III will be complete.  We will then do the Sheriff’s Office and Environmental Management in the next budget year.

WCVERS (MVERS) Program – we are close to having all of the information on memory sticks that will be distributed to law enforcement and fire and rescue.

Home Chemical Safety Poster Program – we have seven schools that are participating and the students that are chosen as winners will be going before the County Commissioners on April 20, 2010. 

Weather Program – each first grade class at Rockland Woods Elementary School will be studying different types of weather.  Each first grade student will be required to put together a tri-fold brochure about what they learned.  The principal of the school will judge the brochures and will pick a winner from each class (four classes) and Emergency Management will pick a grand prize winner and three runner-ups.  They will not go before the County Commissioners, but they will receive medals, ice cream, and Special Operations will take them to lunch on a big rig. We distributed red bags to each first grade class.  The students will be responsible for filling it with the proper items to have for an emergency.

Next meeting date:  The next meeting will be a semi-annual breakfast meeting in May, 2010.  A memo will be sent to all members informing them of the time and place.

The meeting was adjourned at 1000 hours.

Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Keltner, Administrative Assistant
Div. of Emergency Services