• To provide and maintain a safe, cost effective infrastructure and public transportation system that enhances the quality of life in Washington County.


  • To be recognized as a Division that believes its employees are its greatest strength and values the development of their talents, skills and leadership.
  • To be known for being responsive to the needs of our citizens, by capitalizing on interagency collaboration, customer service and professionalism.
  • To be known as a Division that takes responsibility for safety and moves quickly to correct unsafe work practices and preserve public infrastructure.
  • To be known for our cost effective and innovative methods to protect and preserve our County’s infrastructure.
  • To be recognized for effective leadership and best management practices.

Core Values:

  • Integrity, Ethics and Honesty – We operate with the highest level of integrity, holding ourselves to standards of performance, accountability and personal conduct.
  • Safety – We allow no excuses for unsafe work practices and conditions on or within our public infrastructure.
  • Accountability – We are responsible to provide quality services.  We understand how our decisions and services impact our community.  We seek to enhance community partnerships and to involve citizens in our decisions and initiatives.
  • Professionalism – Our employees are experts in their respective field, we take pride in our work, exhibit enthusiasm, exemplify ethical standards, and are dedicated to the County’s success.
  • Teamwork – We recognize the contribution of every employee and believe every project is important.  We strive to create a collaborative work environment promoting information sharing, creativity and new best management practices.
  • Quality – We believe quality is critical to sound infrastructure, our services, and the economic development of the County.  We value and reward performance excellence and superior leadership.