Office of Budget & Finance -
Purchasing Department - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’S Concerning Bids:

How do I view Bid Docs?
To see and download Purchasing Department Bids/Quotes/Addenda/Bid Tabs, etc. on-line, go to:, Click on “Services / Bid Invitations / Purchasing”.

What information do I need to have available to view bid documents?
Washington County Purchasing Department’s bids/quotes are available on-line at:, click on “Services / Bid Invitations / Purchasing”.  Most documents are also available for viewing in the offices of the Washington County Purchasing Department.

How would I know if there is a job/commodity that I can submit a bid/quote on?
As required, Washington County Purchasing Department advertises its formal bids/quotes in the local newspaper, on the County’s web site, and also on the State’s “e-Maryland Marketplace”.  The actual bid documents are only available through Washington’s County’s website and/or the Washington County Purchasing Department.

Can I be put on the County Bid List?
The County does not maintain its own list of bidders.  Vendors are encouraged to visit the County’s web site to view notices of formal bids/quotes as well as the State’s “eMaryland Marketplace” web site. 

Are there other county entities that have bidding opportunities and how do I access them?
In addition to the Purchasing Department’s web site, vendors are also encouraged to view the web site of the County’s Division of Engineering & Construction Management for its capital construction projects.  Washington County Engineering & Construction Management’s bids/quotes are available on-line at:, Click on “Services / Bid Invitations / Engineering”.

Can I attend bid openings?  Is attendance mandatory?
Yes, anyone can attend formal bid/quote openings.  Openings for Requests for Proposals are not public openings.

Should I attend pre-bids conferences?
All interested bidders are requested to be present.  Attendance is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged.  Attendance by conference call is not available at this time.

How do I obtain bid results?
Bid results are posted on the Purchasing Department’s website.  To see and download our Bids/Quotes/Addenda/Bid Tabs, etc. on-line, go to:, click on “Services / Bid Invitations / Purchasing (or Engineering)”

Will I be notified of an award or non-award?
Bid tabulations are posted on the Purchasing Department’s website showing the “apparent low bidder”; however, contract award is not official until after the formal award is made by the Board of County Commissioners of Washington County, Maryland.  After the bid is awarded, only the successful bidder will be notified via phone/letter.  Notice of the award shall also be posted on the web site.

Is there a fee for bid registration?
For most bids, there is no fee to register to review or download a bid document.  If a non-refundable fee is required, it shall be by cash or check.  Checks shall be made payable to the Washington County Treasurer.  The fee must be received in the Purchasing Department before a document can be distributed.

How long does bid registration take?
It does not take long to register to download a bid document.  When registering, it is important to enter your information correctly; all addenda are issued via e-mail to the registrant and posted to the web site.